Representatives of the Consortium spoke at the hearings of RF Public Chamber against “Concept of State Family Strategy of the Russian Federation till 2025”.

The hearings at RF Public Chamber took place on July 3, 2013. Members of the Chamber, representatives of NGOs and executive power discussed “Concept of State Family Strategy” which is a legal initiative of State Duma deputies (known as Concept by Elena Mizulina, head of the Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Affairs). It proclaims to improve state family policy and protect motherhood and the childhood.

Mari Davtyan, a legal adviser and an expert of the Consortium, made a brilliant legal conclusion against the Concept. She proved that the discussed version of the Concept contradicted international and Russian legislation. She explained why it could not be used as a base for state family policy.

Download in Russian: Legal Conclusion by Mari Davtyan

Svetlana Aivazova, an expert of the Consortium, Doctor of Political Sciences, member of the Presidential Council for promoting civil society institutions and human rights spoke about current trends in Russian families based on sociological research made by the Institute of Sociology (Russian Academy of Sciences). Aivazova showed that the concept doesn't consider modern realities of the Russian family and therefore it isn't viable.

Link to the video record. Available only in Russian.

Author: The Consortium