All Russian Association women’s non- governmental organizations

The Consortium of Women’s Non-Governmental Associations


  •     Implement the constitutional principle of equal rights, freedoms, and equal opportunities for women and men;
  •     Increase the role of women’s non-governmental organizations in building civil society;
  •     Promote highly qualified women experts to the level of decision-making.


  • Promote and advocate interests of women;
  • Cooperate with authorities in order to improve legislation in the interests of women with the purpose of:

          -  preventing domestic violence
          - protecting the reproductive health of the Russian population
          -  supporting women’s entrepreneurial initiative
          - stopping women trafficking

  • Establish the system of public monitoring to control observance of the Russian and international legislation;
  • Educate and train women’s organizations in developing leadership skills, promoting and advocating women’s interests, and creating coalitions.

The Consortium is a coalition of more than 100 women’s organizations from 57 regions of Russia. 

Member organizations of the Consortium represent interests of various professional groups of women: researchers, medics, entrepreneurs, farmers, journalists, and lawyers.  Many of these groups try to solve specific women-related problems, such as violence against women, women trafficking, women’s reproductive health, etc.

The Consortium supports its member organizations by providing consultations, training, and by jointly participating in various projects.


Is aimed at creating favorable social environment for women, adopting laws ensuring equal rights, and at implementing non-discriminational policy by executive authorities.  This type of activity is implemented by active participation of the Consortium members in the parliament hearings on issues of domestic violence, reproductive rights, demographic situation, labor rights, and taxation.

ESTABLISHING THE SYSTEM OF PUBLIC MONITORING to control the observance of the Russian and international legislation, and to monitor activity of all branches of power is one of the major objectives of women’s NGOs, and that of the Consortium as well.  Due to lack of resources, it is impossible to create a comprehensive system now, but the Consortium together with its members identifies most obvious cases of offence against the law and gender discrimination.  The Consortium informs about such cases its members, other NGOs, mass media, and authorities.

The Consortium developed the SYSTEM OF EDUCATING AND TRAINING WOMEN’S ORGANIZATIONS in developing leadership skills, promoting and advocating women’s interests, and creating coalitions.  The Consortium holds regular conferences, seminars, and trainings.

 Among the newest SOCIAL TECHNOLOGIES of the Consortium, the following should be mentioned:

  • Discussions on joint strategies of participation in parliament hearings together with other women’s organizations;
  • Preliminary surveys of its members on issues posed by the Consortium in its open memorandums to the President and to the federal authorities.

 Involvement of member organizations in such joint projects increases their self-awareness and teaches them in practice how to cooperate with state authorities and promote interests of women.

 How to become a member of the Consortium

 Any women’s not-for-profit organization can become a member of the Consortium, if it shares the following principles:

Þ    Equal rights, freedoms, and equal opportunities for women and men;

Þ    Equal respect for women’s organizations involved in different activities;

Þ    Absolute equality and independence for all member organizations of the Consortium;

Þ    Willingness to cooperate with other women’s organizations.

 Membership in the Consortium is free.

 To apply for membership in the Consortium, please forward your letter of request along with copies of your charter and registration documents, and letters of recommendation from two Consortium members, to wcons@wcons.net

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